The cost of advertising on public transportation vehicles varies depending on factors such as location, type of advertisement, campaign duration, and coverage. We recommend contacting us for an accurate price tailored to your specific needs.

Our company offers various types of advertising on buses, including full vehicle branding (Bus Outdoor), interior advertising options such as Horizontal & Vertical backlights and Indoor Static, as well as Full HD digital screens inside the vehicles (Indoor Digital). Additionally, we provide services for interior vehicle branding, including floor, seat, ceiling, hanger, wobbler, promotion, and sampling branding. We can assist you in choosing the format that best suits your marketing goals.

You can target a specific audience by selecting bus routes that pass through areas where your target demographic is located. We can also customize the ad design to better appeal to the desired audience.

The duration of a bus advertising campaign can be tailored to your needs and marketing objectives. Advertisers commonly lease campaigns for periods of 1, 3, 6, or 12 months, with flexibility for shorter or longer intervals based on the promotion needs of a particular product or service. For media leasing like Indoor Digital (advertising on digital screens) or Indoor Static or other types of indoor advertising, the campaign duration can range from a minimum of 1 day to the desired number of days, depending on the type of media used.

Yes, you have the option to select specific bus routes or parts of the city where you want your ads to be displayed to achieve optimal reach and impact.

Yes, there is a minimum contract period that depends on the type of advertising and your requirements. Please contact us to discuss the details.

You can design your own ad, or we can provide design services according to your preferences. We are ready to assist you in creating an attractive advertisement.

No, Info Media Group operates on a "turnkey" basis, covering all responsibilities for graphic design, printing, installation, monitoring, and any potential damage to the advertising space. After the campaign starts, Info Media Group assumes full responsibility. Any cost that may arise during the campaign is for client-requested visual changes.

Yes, there are guidelines and restrictions on ad content to ensure compliance with laws and social norms. However, these limitations do not significantly impact the conceptual design or the effectiveness of the campaign on the target audience. We look forward to working with you to create effective and appropriate bus advertisements.

You can view an example of visibility through advertising film by clicking on the LINK.

In the event of glass breakage, the advertising film serves a protective role by preventing glass shards from dispersing and causing harm to passengers. It effectively binds the fragments to itself. You can see how advertising film reacts to glass breakage by clicking on the LINK.