Taxi Digital

taxi digital outdoor

Our innovative service allows your brand to conquer urban spaces and reach a broad audience through digital screens mounted on taxis. This is the future of mobile marketing. Our taxis are equipped with high-quality digital screens that enable the display of dynamic ads and messages. 

This means you can customize your messages in real-time, target specific locations and times of the day, and create personalized campaigns that leave a lasting impression.

Don’t wait – join the advertising revolution today with Taxi Digital Outdoor and achieve unprecedented success in advertising.

Sharjah (+Ajman)

2.000+ Taxi Vehicles
(Hybrid, Electric)

Ras Al Khaimah

850+ Taxi Vehicles
(Hybrid, Electric)


2.000+ Taxi  Vehicles (Hybrid, Electric)

Abu Dhabi

800+ Taxi Vehicles
(Hybrid, Electric)

taxi digital outdoor
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